Aphinitea is a trade name under Ellaehcim Trading. Any mention of Aphinitea and Ellaehcim Trading are regarded as the same. Prior approval must be required for the use of Aphinitea’s logo, name or product pictures.


+ Applicability

  1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to any and all purchases and sales that are in any way described, mentioned, promoted or listed in the Aphinitea and/or Ellaehcim Trading (“Ellaehcim Trading”, “We” or “Us”) catalogue. By placing an order, the Customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions. Aphinitea reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time and, as of the date of modification, new transactions entered into Aphinitea and its Customers shall be governed by the modified Terms and Conditions.

  2. No additional condition sought to be introduced by you shall be deemed applicable unless expressly so indicated in writing by an authorized officer of Aphinitea. In addition, the failure of Aphinitea to exercise one or more of its rights hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of those or any other rights.

+ Order and Confirmation

  1. Orders shall be received in written form via email at iwant@aphinitea.com

  2. Each order is subject to approval by Aphinitea. Aphinitea reserves all rights to reject an order due to insufficient stock, incomplete customer information, or for any other lawful reason. We undertake to inform you within two (2) working days following your request if we have a problem filling your order.

+ Prices

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all of our pricing and other charges are stated in US Dollars and are subject to change.

  2. The customer is responsible for all tariff and duty fees.

  3. A 5% fee is added for rushed orders.

  4. Removal of Aphinitea logo on the bottom of the packaging is subject to a USD 0.05 fee per unit.

+ Payment

50% deposit is payable upon order. The remaining balance is payable upon receipt of invoice. All payments shall be made via Transferwise or bank transfer.

+ Lead Time

Orders can be completed within 2 to 5 weeks upon confirmation of order, final approval of artwork, and receipt of down payment. Final delivery date will be discussed subject to our production schedule.

+ Availability of Products

The catalogue lists all of the products that are available from Aphinitea. From time to time products may be out of stock or otherwise unavailable. Aphinitea reserves the right in the event of the unavailability of an item(s) to substitute items of equal or greater value with the consent of the customer. There is a possibility that the presentation of the items may be modified to ensure proper delivery and handling.

+ Delivery of Products

  1. The accuracy of the shipping information of your product is crucial in making sure that the products you request are delivered properly. Aphinitea is not responsible for returns caused by incomplete or erroneous delivery instructions.

  2. All efforts will be made to assure prompt delivery of your order. Although we can assure delivery to the specified location, it is up to you to coordinate with the delivery service. Failure to properly identify problems to the shipper upon delivery may result in your inability to pursue a claim. Our shippers require a signature upon delivery. Once the product is sent out, the customer assumes responsibility of the product.

  3. Should the customer authorize release of signature for delivery of a package, Aphinitea is not liable for damages or loss.

  4. Aphinitea will not be responsible for delays cause by events beyond its control, including strikes, natural disasters or terrorism. Shipping times may be longer during busy holiday seasons (Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year).

+ Transfer of Responsibility

The transfer of risk of loss or deterioration takes effect when the product is shipped to the addressee or its agent.

+ Returns

  1. If you have a complaint, please contact us immediately. We will try our best to meet your expectations. Customers receiving a delivery order from us should inspect the packaging upon receipt to make sure it is consistent with the order. Damage claims should be clearly recorded, dated and signed on the delivery invoice.

  2. All claims must be made within 48 hours of product delivery. Claims received by Aphinitea after longer delays may not be honoured. Claims should be sent to us by email at iwant@aphinitea.com.

  3. All claims must be accompanied by a written explanation of the problem, as well as the damages occasioned thereby. After an analysis of the situation, Aphinitea at its own discretion will determine the appropriate remedy, including a refund of payment and reshipment of product.

  4. Aphinitea shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including, without limit, loss of profits, revenue or other benefits arising from or related to a breach of this agreement, or for claims against you by any third party.

+ Cancellation and Changes

Once the down payment has been received no cancellation or changes will be accepted and any sums of money paid by the customer will not be refunded.

+ Privacy Statement

Aphinitea treats with the strictest confidentiality all personal information we receive. In connection with your purchases, we will only request from you information necessary to fill and follow-up with your order.